Joys & Concerns — 8/26/18

Prayers lifted today:

  • Prayers were asked for our country and its leaders.
  • Prayers for the world and those dealing with strife, such as storms and flooding, lack of food and housing, illness and long healing.
  • Prayers for Maynard and those in leadership positions, reminding them that they are following Jesus and will answer Jesus’ call with “Here Am I!”
  • Abby asks prayers for her friend Nannette who is recovering from a severe back injury.
  • Abby also asks prayers for friends and family in Hawaii in the path of Hurricane Lane.
  • Steve and Amy lift their cousin Bruce Jones who will begin a long recovery after several serious stomach surgeries.
  • Paul lifts his neighbor Dave C. who has been in the hospital for several months.
  • Travel mercies for Steve M. as he heads back to WV.  Keep him safe till next weekend.

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.

  • Michael reminds us to thank God for this past week, to think back and rejoice in it.
  • We thank you, God, for bringing us together on this beautiful day and giving us hope as we move into next week.

Lord, in thanksgiving, hear our praise!



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