Joys and Concerns — 9/23/18

Prayers lifted this day:

  • Pink asks healing for her leg that she injured in a fall while chasing her cat!
  • For Carl who is battling cancer, healing is asked.
  • Pastor Jeff reminds us of the battle Chris Bradley has been battling with leukemia.  Prayers of comfort and support for his husband Jason and their children, Spencer and Maria, as they help Chris continue his fight!
  • Merv asks healing prayers for his brother-in-law Don who had a leg amputated after battling MRSA contracted during a knee replacement.
  • Sandy asks prayers for all in the congregation dealing with illnesses.
  • Abby prays for Katherine who needs support as well as rest, as so many caregivers do.
  • Prayers of return to health for Jim, and Linda faithfully by his side.
  • Safe travels as Diana and Hope return from China.
  • Healing prayers for Ernie who is fighting many health  issues and is no longer able to work.
  • Leo lifts places in your world, God, that have chaos and strife.  Help people living there to overcome their feeling of hopelessness, send the right people to help them.
  • Leo also lifts the people in power in this world.  God, help them to focus on you as they make decisions concerning your people in your world.

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.

  • Great joy for the new baby that arrived in the Strauch family.  Nancy has a new great grandchild named Leo.  Congratulations that the Lord has blessed your family with this new baby!
  • God, thank you for this beautiful day and remind us to lift you up, to bow down, and to reach out to serve in your name.

Lord, in thanksgiving, hear our praise.

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