Joys and Concerns — 10/14/18

These are the prayers lifted today.

  • Charity asks prayers for her son’s good friend and classmate who has been diagnosed with lymphoma at age 18.
  • Prayers of comfort and strength for those struggling with the backlash of natural disasters, especially those who have lost a lot during Hurricane Michael.
  • Prayers for all those walking today in the CROP walk.  May their walking and money earned help change the lives of families around the world for the better.
  • Travel prayers for Amy and Steve as they travel to Alabama and back.
  • Chris asks prayers for Jim and Derrick who are both under the weather.  May they also have a safe vacation.
  • Leo lifts prayers for Mary, his daughter Hannah’s grandmother-in-law.  Mary fell this morning and broke her hip.  Pray for healing from surgery today.  Pray for her whole family.
  • Hope asks prayers for Diana as she undergoes an outpatient diagnostic procedure in her throat and esophagus this week.
  • Kerry lifts Jim, Kaven, Ernie, and Joe in prayers of healing.

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.

  • Michael lifts a prayer of gratitude to the universe for giving us the individuals and obstacles which remind us of what we strongly and truly want so we can direct our attention that way.

Lord, in thanksgiving, here our praise.

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