Joys and Concerns — 1/27/19

These are the prayers lifted today:

  • Joan lifts prayers for her friend Julie’s son, for her friend Cate’s father, and for Bryan’s father.
  • A.B. lifts prayers for Charmaine who was laid to divine rest yesterday. Prayers for her safe transition and peace and comfort for her family and friends.
  • Prayers are asked for Erma Clim who was diagnosed terminally ill and is too fragile for treatment. Prayers for her comfort as she faces this at such a late time in life.
  • Maureen asks prayers of comfort for the family of Pedro Zamora, his brother Tito, and their mom Enieda. Tito has suffered through back surgery then two heart attacks just this past week; Tito is only 58! Bring them comfort and healing.
  • Sandy lifts continued prayers of healing for her niece Amber. She had major surgery this week but will be heading home on Wednesday. The family prays for quick healing and recovery.
  • Amy asks travel mercies and weather concerns for her friend Suzanne who had to drive to Sheboygan, WI, today and then spend the week there. There is lots of snow and subzero temps predicted for this week. Travel mercies for her return trip as well.

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.

  • Bryan sends out a prayer of thanks for all the prayers of support at the time of his dad’s heart attack. He’s home now and healing!
  • Joan is grateful for birthdays, especially for her brother Rocky’s and for Henson’s 5th birthday.
  • Connie B. lifts a “Go God” as she feels truly blessed with two great children. Clayton finished his studies at OSU and was offered a position with ODOT Engineering Dept. upon graduation in May.

Lord, in thanksgiving, hear our praise.

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