Joys and Concerns after 2/10/19

  • Sandy asks more prayers for her niece Amber, her brother and his wife. After a smooth recovery a few weeks ago, Amber was rushed to the hospital this weekend with another twist in her colon. Prayer for recovery as easy and swift just a week a few weeks ago.
  • Prayers for Claudia’s son Brian who came home from his trip with more stress than when he left. (1) His son had an accident in Brian’s car with Corine driving. Scans were taken and they are waiting results. She seems okay but the scan will tell all. (2) Brian’s sister-in-law was to drive Brianna to school for the week, but fell getting out of the shower her first day and broke her ankle. (3) Caleb got his car stuck in the snow and ice trying to get his aunt to the hospital. All serious things that will be taken care of as God watches over them all. (4) But then the dryer quit working and clothes remain wet. God, lift his feeling of too much, too soon and bring healing to Corine and Kris. In your hands now.
  • More from Sandy since Wednesday with more prayer requests for her niece Amber: Everything that could go wrong did as they took her NG tube out too soon, but with God’s help they were able to get things under control and Amber was able to sleep. The next day her blood pressure was elevated, slight fever, concern for infection by the NG tube. As of Friday, her fever is slightly down but BP still up. She up and walking but NG tube remains in. Maybe she’ll come home Monday or Tuesday, depending on NG tube and other vital signs. Please keep her mom and dad in prayer as they are staying at the hospital as much as possible.
  • Prayers remain with Martha and Merv. Martha’s health seems to be slipping quickly and she is in hospice. She has battled Parkinson’s long enough. Her health and welfare are in God’s hands. Give her and Merv strength and peace as Martha reaches her journey’s end or her new beginning.

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayers.

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