Concerns — 2/21/19

  • Sandy asks prayers for several members of her family this week.  Her niece Amber was hospitalized, released, and rushed back in.  They are doing extensive work trying to determine her problem.  They took out an NG tube, had to put it back in, and now the doctors see something in her stomach.  Her BP is up and down as well as her white blood count.  Amber’s parents have been with her 24/7 and are getting worn out.  This has been going on for over two weeks.  They had hoped she would be home soon but looks like a lot of diagnosis and healing still needs done.
  • Sandy also asks prayers for her brother Art and his wife Betty who are down with the flu for over a week and are still not feeling well. 
  • Bethany has friends Lindsey and Patty who have been trying to have their second child.  There was a possibility the child was miscarried, or a cyst ruptured, or the baby’s blood type is not compatible with Lindsey’s.  They are both heartbroken at the loss of the baby.
  • Lisa asked that we pray for Justine Luebke, her cousin’s 30-year-old daughter who was just diagnosed with colo-rectal cancer. She will go through a very challenging year ahead, facing chemo, radiation, and surgery that will involve a temporary ostomy. Her parents are Kurt and Kim Luebke, who all live in Missoula, MT. Lisa thanks you for holding her family in prayer. They are a family of faith and feel very blessed that it was caught early and has not spread.

For these and others needing your assistance today, Lord, we ask your healing. Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayers.

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