Joys and Concerns — 3/3/19

These are the prayers lifted today and during the prior week:

  • BJ asks that we pray for her family. Her sister-in-law was found dead last Sunday afternoon. At the time, no one in the family knew what had happened so it has been a shock for everyone.
  • Abby asks prayers for Charity who broke her elbow. We pray for a swift recovery.
  • Ernie is in need of prayers as he will be in the hospital for a little while longer waiting for his INR to reach 2.5. He is bored and needs something to fill his time.
  • Maria shares that Merv needs prayers. He had a fall and hurt one of his eyes. He had a minor surgery. God, let the healing begin!
  • Amy asks travel mercies for her friend Suzanne who had to travel to New Hampshire this week.
  • Stacy’s best friend Mindy lost her father this week. Prayers for the Ellis family during this difficult time.
  • Lisa LS requests prayers for her 30-year-old cousin Justine who begins treatment for colo-rectal cancer tomorrow. She has a good prognosis but the treatment will render her infertile. Pray for complete healing and strength to get through all her treatments.

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayers.

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