Joys – 4/23/19

Joys emailed today:

  • Claudia’s friend Ruthanne had emergency back surgery on Easter. By the end of the day she was up and walking and should be coming home soon. The right surgeons in the right place at the right time for her! Thanks be to God!
  • Another thank you, God, is the recovery of Claudia’s youngest grandson from a head injury. At almost 3, he does not always watch where he is going, and a fall into the fireplace resulted in a trip to Urgent Care and two stitches. By the time he left the office, he was all smiles and he is now healing well.
  • Sandy asks for prayers of praise. After three months of praying for her niece Amber, she is now home from the hospital. Although she still has a feeding tube to guarantee she is getting enough food, she is eating some “real” food—finally. Amber is glad to be home and sleeping in her own bed with her own toys around her! Finally, a little peace of mind for her parents as well.

Lord, in thanksgiving, hear our praise!

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