Joys and Concerns — 5/5/19

These are the prayers lifted this Sunday.

  • Ruth asks prayers of healing and comfort. This Thursday she is having eye surgery. Help the surgery go well and healing quick.
  • Joy that Clayton received his engineering degree from OSU but he and his class are now heading to Africa for three weeks to use their new-learned skills in building something. Prayers for safe travel and safety first when building.
  • Maureen lifts the family and friends of Richard Connor who passed last week. He was well-known in Clintonville and will be missed by many. Lord, make his transition to join you a peaceful one.
  • Ibby continues to request prayers for Sebastian, a 17-yr-old beginning lymphoma treatment. Bring strength and hope to him and his family. She asks prayers for all those suffering a chronic illness, addiction, and cancer. Heal and guide them through their treatments.
  • Linda C. will be having tests on Monday to hopefully determine why she is in so much pain. Help the doctors determine a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayers.

  • Claudia lifts a thank you God for easing Patrick’s pain and giving him a diagnosis so far of no heart problems. Still no diagnosis for chest pains but he is looking better, feeling better, and feeling no pain currently. Thanks for helping him get this far!

Lord, in thanksgiving, hear our prayer.

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