Joys and Concerns — 5/12/19

Happy Mother’s Day to all those mothers and those who stand in for mothers. Have a great day!

These are the prayers lifted this Sunday.

  • Kit asks prayers for her new grandson, Mason Alexander, who is currently in the NICU. Although we give praise for this new baby, we ask God to hold him and his family in the palm of his hand. Prayers for healing and comfort for this new little life.
  • Ibby lifts her brother Dan and his wife Lisa and their family as they deal with the possible diagnosis of throat cancer. Guide the doctors and caregivers of Dan. Give them strength and hope that healing will be quick.
  • Ibby also lifts all those who are dealing with devastating diseases and addiction. Bring them hope, comfort, and healing.
  • Sisters in Spirit lift Linda C. who is having a reaction to the antibiotics she was prescribed. Help the doctors to find the right medication to make her feel better.
  • Mary asks that we continue to keep Ruth in our prayers. She is recovering from extensive eye surgery. Prayers for healing of Ruth’s eye.
  • You may seen this on Facebook but prayers are asked for Mark, husband of LeeAnn, who is recuperating from back surgery. He was having some difficulty so we ask strength through the ups and downs of the healing process. May he be better soon.

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayers.

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