Joys and Concerns — 5/19/19

These are the prayers lifted today.

  • As we remember Linda and ask comfort and strength for her, she lifts travel mercies for all those coming for Jim’s memorial service. Keep them safe.
  • Kit asked continued prayers for her grandson Mason. He is doing well but prayers for healing and wellness are needed.
  • As a congregation, we ask, God, that you help those who are in power in this country, open their hearts and minds and make good decisions for the welfare of all.

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayers.

  • Great joy to you, God, for the gift of my granddaughter Brianna. It is because you blessed her with intelligence and caring that she received straight A’s this year, received certificates in Science, Writing, Helping in Community, and Algebra I. Her mom and dad are very proud of her — I’m sure great grandma would have been also. Thank you, God, for working in her.

Lord, in thanksgiving, hear our praise.

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