Joys and Concerns — 5/26/19

These are the prayers listed on this day.

  • God, we lift all those going to West Ohio Annual Conference at Lakeside. We pray for good health, good weather, good conversation and decision at the conference. Travel mercies for Pastor Jeff, Steve S., Leo, Ibby, Merv and Miriam, and anyone who visits.
  • Merv and Miriam are lifted for comfort and peace when Martha is remembered Sunday evening in the memorial service.
  • Sherron lifts Sam in prayer. God, he has been waiting a long time to come back in the U.S. He has been told by immigration that a VISA number is available for him. Stay with them, God, and help them through the storm.
  • Sandy’s niece Amber was rushed to the hospital on Saturday. Apparently, her medical procedures have not provided the healing they expected.
  • Danielle asks for prayers as she will be having genetic testing done soon to find answers to help her reach good health. God, bring her peace of mind and comfort.
  • Steve and Amy lift all those we have lost from the Maynard family. Keep them safe in your loving arms.
  • Rory was let go from his job, God. Please help him to locate a new job.
  • Ibby asks travel mercies and strength for her dear friend Jenny. Jenny is driving back to Colorado after her mother’s funeral – a sudden death from a heart attack. Guide Jenny to your peace, give her strength in dealing with the loss of her mother.

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayers.

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