Joys and Concerns — 6/2/19

These are the prayers lifted on this Sunday.

  • Natalie asks healing prayers for Maynard’s dear friend Margaret. She has been at OSU Hospital for over 20 days. Prayers for her comfort and healing.
  • Natalie also asks prayers for her friend Gina who was in a severe motorcycle accident in which her finance was killed. She has flat-lined multiple times and has had several surgeries to repair her facial structure. Natalie prays for comfort and healing and peace.
  • Steve and Amy ask prayers for Steve’s cousin Don who is battling two types of cancers. God, grant him strength and peace and healing.
  • Abby asks prayers for all those in need but especially for the children, parents, families being detained along the border. Bring a humane end to their suffering.
  • Ibby prays for healing and peace for her friends and families who continue to battle addiction, chronic illness, cancer. Strengthen our hope and faith in your miracles.
  • Nancy D. hopes and prays that those who lost everything find ways to go on. Pray for justice, strength, and courage.

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayers.

  • Steve S. lifts prayers for the spirits moving in us and around us. Several Annual Conferences have made resolutions that they will not uphold the Traditional Plan that was passed at the Special General Conference 2019.
  • Michael thanks you, Lord, for the blessings of family … families coming together during wonderful times to share each other’s company.
  • Jay is lifting praise to you, God, for his parents’ wedding anniversary on June 3. Prayers for many more anniversaries. They are celebrating in Norway so he also prays that you bring them home safely!
  • Babies, babies, babies. So precious. Sandy lifts a thank you, God, for the great niece, Lydia Rose who arrived on May 31. Mommy and baby Lydia are doing fine.

Lord, in thanksgiving, hear our praise.

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