Joys and Concerns — 6/23/19

Prayers lifted today.

  • Mary asks travel mercies for Danielle, Brian, and Jaiden as they travel to Alaska, leaving on Saturday. They will visit Brian’s grandpa who will get to meet his great grandson Jaiden.
  • Prayers for retired Pastor Michael Pratt as he undergoes surgery. Guide the surgeons and caregivers. Bring Michael peace and speedy healing.
  • Ibby asks prayers of support and healing for all those battling cancer, chronic illnesses, and addiction. May you bless them and keep them in your loving hands.

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayers.

  • Ibby lifts prayers of thanksgiving for her brother’s diagnosis of 90 percent cure for his throat cancer.
  • A Good Start is off to a good start, and Charity is thankful for the 13 families and 43 people that were at the Family Literacy Night. They learned how children learn through play.
  • Charity also lifts a family friend Dylan, 19, who is beating Hodgkin’s Lymphoma!!! Praise!!

Lord, in thanksgiving, hear our praise.

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