Joys & Concerns — 7/28/19

Prayers lifted on Sunday, July 28.

  • Sherron asked prayers for her son Chuck Tuttle. She prays that he gets help for his alcoholism and survives homelessness in South Carolina.
  • Crystal and Karia pray for Josh Roberts’ (Crystal’s brother) recovery from a stroke.
  • Ibby lifts prayers for healing. She prays for God’s mercies and miracles for those battling cancer, chronic illness, fighting addiction, those recovering from surgeries. Prayers especially for Uncle Bryant who is in the hospital after a tractor accident. Give us strength and peace in your will.

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayers.

  • A big thank you to all the folks who cleaned up the neighborhood around the church!
  • A thank you to everyone who was patient as we waited almost two weeks for our broadband service to be fixed. All is well!

Lord, in thanksgiving, hear our praise!

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