Joys and Concerns — 10/27/19

These are the prayers lifted this day.

  • Ibby asked prayers of healing and strength for those suffering from cancer, chronic illness, or addiction. God, be with them and their caregivers. Bring them peace and faith in your will for them.
  • Leo asks prayers for the family of his dear friend Rev. Dana Welch. Keep his wife, Flora Jean, and his family in your prayers for comfort and peace.
  • Be with the Jewish Synagogue in Pittsburgh as we and they remember the 11 worshipers who were killed in a senseless shooting a year ago. Help them to continue in their healing.
  • Diane would like us to keep Milton in our prayers as he is still at Riverside.

Lord, in our mercy, hear our prayers.

  • Jay is grateful for the opportunity to experience and complete his first full marathon and for a fast recovery period.

Lord, in thanksgiving, hear our praise.

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