Joys and Concerns — 11/17/19

These are the prayers lifted this day:

  • Abby asked prayers for all those affected by the Santa Clara student shootings. It is important that we do not become desensitized to these traumatic events.
  • Julie lifts her mom as Nancy is feeling pretty bad with a terrible cold. Help her to get over this cold and to her normal routine.
  • Julie also asks prayers for herself and her doctors. She will be having laser surgery on her vocal cords. She prays that this surgery will be a success and she will again be able to join the choir in singing. She is not permitted to speak for two days after the surgery. That may be a really big prayer even for God to handle. (teasing, Julie, we wish you well!)
  • Sandy lifts her brother Randy for prayers. He will be seeing a doctor on Tuesday for a blockage in his leg. She prays that the doctor will be able to determine what is causing it so Randy can have a quick recovery.
  • Linda C. prays for her family. Someone lost their job and it is causing trouble in a marriage.
  • Diane asks prayers for Milton who is still a patient at the Laurels on Karl. There is not much improvement so keep him and his doctors in your prayer so something can be done for him so he can go home.
  • Of course, keep our dear Ernie in your prayers. Kerry says he is getting weaker. Kerry prayers for peace and for him to be pain free.

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayers.

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