Joys and Concerns — 11/24/19

These are the prayers lifted this day.

  • Linda C. asks prayers for Ernie and Kerry. Ernie will be moved to an assistant living place on Monday.
  • Several other requests for prayers for Ernie and Kerry as Ernie prepares to make his heavenly journey. Help us find peace in your will. Help us keep faith and love as we, too, prepare for Ernie’s journey home. We know you do the right thing for him.
  • Connie asks prayers for all those traveling this busy holiday weekend.
  • Prayers of strength for Milton and Diane are asked by Ibby. Milton needs 24-hour assistance with his care. Diane needs prayers as she deals with a change in living accommodations.

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayers.

  • Lord, we are so thankful that Ernie and Kerry celebrated 25 years together. It has been a hard journey for them as they dealt with Ernie’s illnesses together and it was a journey filled with your love.

Lord, in thanksgiving, hear our prayer.

As Sunday progressed, we learned of Ernie’s passing. Is it right to say we are glad he is no longer in pain or distress? No more dialysis? No more pain, no more not feeling well? Glad his mom was still in town and that she and Kerry were with him? Ernie will be missed but we have all watched him get weaker and weaker, sicker and sicker, to the point of needing constant care. Ernie, you deserve a better life than this – one in heaven’s gardens and fields! Run, Ernie, run!!! God is truly beside you running as well! Lord, thank you for being with Ernie!

Lord, in your mercy hear our prayer; Lord, in thanksgiving, hear our praise!

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