Joys and Concerns — 1/19/20

Prayers lifted today in worship.

  • Prayers for our country, the world, and the leaders of the world. May they keep God in their hearts and show compassion to those around them.
  • Jan asks prayers of healing for Lee Roush and Jan Masterson.
  • Claudia asks prayers for Randy’s nephew who was taken to a hospital in Zanesville. Pray he receives the support and healing he needs to deal with anxiety and depression.
  • Prayers for all those dealing with the loss of a loved one and for the depression that sometimes follows that loss.

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayers.

  • Thank you, God, for bringing us together today. For letting us join with each other in praising you in worship. Bring us back again next week!
  • Thank you for enriching us with your love, your words, your grace, your son!

Lord, in thanksgiving, hear our prayer.

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