Joys and Concerns — 1/26/20

These are the prayers lifted this Sunday.

  • Prayers for the McAuley family on the death of Ryan and Adam’s Uncle Jim. Ryan asks prayers specifically for Jim’s son Michael and sisters Pat, Dorothy, Helen, and Sarah. We pray for comfort for this family.
  • Mary asks prayers for Bill, one of our homeless individuals who was struck by a cab while walking. He has sustained a head injury and is in ICU. Prayers for Bill’s healing and recovery.
  • Healing is needed for Amy S.’s friend. Her friend’s niece and nephews have the type B-flu and have been sick for ten days with high fevers. Bring healing to this family and all families who have been hit with the flu.
  • Steve and Amy ask prayers for their sister-in-law’s mom as she begins treatment for her second cancer diagnosis. Give her strength to overcome and heal from this disease.
  • Nancy asks prayers for her friend Faye and her family as her daughter Linda passed away Thursday evening. Bring peace and comfort to this family as they learn to live life without Linda.
  • Ibby is thankful for you continuously being with her and her loved ones as doctors tried to determine the problems with her eyesight. Continue to grant her family, caregivers, and doctors strength, wisdom and faith. Help Ibby to keep progressing on the road to wellness. Thank you for giving her the peace which comes from “thy will be done.”
  • Ibby also lifts her mom for healing mercies. She is having back and hip pains. Please grant her peace of body, mind, and spirit.
  • Lifting Kobe Bryant’s family in prayer. It will difficult for his wife and three children to deal with the loss of husband/father and daughter/sister. Give his wife strength as she deals with her pain without her husband by her side.
  • Peace and comfort to all those who are struggling. No matter what the issue may be, God is there to help you.
  • Our neighbors are everyone in the world. So, God, we ask healing in China due the flu epidemic there. For those recovering from the flu and for families who have lost loved one, be with them. Prayers continue for Australia and the loss of wildlife and forests. Keep those fighting the fire in prayer for strength and stamina to keep on.

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayers.

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