Joys and Concerns — 2/9/20

These are the prayers lifted today.

  • We ask prayers for those who are living in political strife, flooding, fires, earthquakes. Bring them courage and strength to endure these hardships. Take care of first responders.
  • Ruth lifts Diane and her family and the people of China for healing. Give the families of those who lost loved ones to the virus comfort and peace.
  • Kim asks prayers for her niece who is pregnant and having some problems. She is not due until June. Give her peace of mind but strength of body to carry her pregnancy through till June. Please keep her baby safe.
  • Claudia lifts all those dealing with flooding in TN and SC, especially any family members. Bring all peace and comfort but strength to get through this.

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayers.

  • Michael lifts prayers of thanks for the blessings of the many people with wise advice as to how a friend can get rid of bedbugs. A joy and a concern. Joy for all those who stepped up to help.

Lord, in thanksgiving, hear our praise.

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