Maynard Annual Yard Sale not taking place again this year.

Maynard’s Annual Yard Sale takes place in August and is held in Maynard’s parking lot. In conjunction with OSU students moving into the neighborhood, we collect and sell items for students, young families with small children, or anyone who is looking for a deal.

OSU Game Day Parking

fundraising-game-day-parkingOH-IO! OH-IO! OH-IO!

Can you hear the cheering already? The excitement builds each year as OSU football season begins, and Maynard wants to be a part — and so we are!

Maynard opens its parking lot to anyone who wants to park here for only $15. It’s not a fee, but a suggested donation. This is a fundraiser for Maynard, but also an outreach to those visiting the area. NO Tailgating / Alcohol, NO Overnight Parking allowed. Park at your own risk.

Parking Attendants will get the opportunity to meet other OSU fans, can discuss the team, ask them to return and park again for another game, ask them to consider visiting Maynard.

No Longer Doing Craft Fair –

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

A Touch of the Holiday Craft Fair and Bazaar

Join us and shop for handmade holiday gifts, holiday treats, local crafts, hobby/collectible items, and more! Click here to learn more about A Touch of the Holidays.

Donna B’s at Maynard – A Thrift Store

click here to learn about Donna B’s.

Kroger Community Rewards Program


Kroger is committed to helping local communities grow and prosper. The Kroger Community Rewards Program was designed to make fundraising the easiest in town by simply using your Kroger Plus Card. It’s easy…just shop, swipe your card and earn! All participants must re-enroll each year in April to continue earning rewards during the coming year.


Shop at through Maynard’s website is easy! You shop as you usually do at, but link from Maynard’s home page. Maynard then receives a percentage each month of all items purchased. You can also click here to start shopping.



UMCmarket is an online tool that will create donations to our church, at no cost to the church or the purchaser. UMCmarket has partnered with thousands of different retailers that donate a commission to our church every time you shop. All you need to do is join, and become a member of UMCmarket. It will take you less than a minute. UMCmarket also offers a travel site where you can plan your next trip – book flights and hotels. Click here to register and select Maynard Avenue UMC as your online purchase donation recipient. Click here for instructions on how to register.