Meet the Leadership Team

leadership team rev 9-15-18
(back) Andy, Bryan, Mary, Kristen, Charity, Hope, Claudia; (front) Ibby, Leo, Lyndsey

Maynard Avenue UMC is a place where all gifts and talents are welcomed and nourished for the community. We are guided by a strong and diverse group of leaders who help us grow, learn and love together as Christ has called us. Our leaders may not have all the answers, but they will walk with us to keep our community strong, thriving and learning the true meaning of Christ’s love and acceptance of all.

Our leadership team meets the first Thursday of every month at 7 p.m. in the parlor. Our meetings are open to the congregation. During our leadership meetings, we discuss the accomplishments of each team and make vital church decisions. The Leadership Chair, Leo Soboslai, calls and facilitates the meetings.  If you are interested in being a leader in our congregation, we encourage you to reach out to the team leaders. Learn more about the 2019 teams below:

Community Connections (Outreach Team)
The outreach team reaches out to the community through our homeless ministry, kindergarten readiness program, prison ministry, local food bank support, Palestine / Israel study group.

Mary Wilbur, Chair
Connie Hammond, Peace with Justice

Nurture Team
The nurture team are the facilitators of the small groups and all Sunday school classes for all ages, including Sisters in Spirit, Youth Group, Bible Study, and others.

Connie Bloor, Chair

Lay Leadership (Nominations)
The Lay Leadership team to help persons identify and utilize their gifts and abilities, and build the leadership of the congregation.

Pastor, Chair

Staff Parish Team
The Staff Parish Team represents the congregation in supporting and evaluating the employees of the church

Kristen Smith, Chair

Finance/Stewardship Team
The Finance/Stewardship develops stewardship within our congregation through spiritual empowerment and uses general accounting practices to provide the funds to enable our church leaders to fulfill our mission statement.

Ibby Fisher, Chair

Worship Team
The Worship Team help facilitate the congregant’s experience with God through our efforts at welcoming people and creating vital worship and supports the pastor in the design of worship services and the planning of special services.

Bryan Babcock, Chair and Music Director

The Trustees assures that there is a safe, sturdy and attractive home for our church family to do God’s work.

Leo Soboslai, Chair

“2350” (Public Relations Team)
The Public Relations Team focuses on getting the word out to the community about Maynard Avenue UMC, including digital upgrades.

Lyndsey Johnston, Chair

Safe Sanctuary Review Team
The Safe Sanctuary Review team reviews, edits and reports our policy to protect children and vulnerable adults.

Pastor, Chair